Whether you’re planning a small intimate wedding, or a lavish affair, whether your wedding will be in a backyard or on a private property, in a garden or by the beach, or in one of the many fabulous venues around Australia, the most important thing is that your day is a reflection of you and that you, are relaxed, calm and completely present.

As your On the Day Wedding Coordinators, Stylists and Event Crew we are here to lift the work of your wedding day off your shoulders.  Our expertise is timelines, floorplans, styling plans, logistics, admin and trouble-shooting and with us by your side, you will be free to focus on each other and your guests.

Below you will find a guide to the types of things we can do to help you have a stress free wedding day.  But this really is a just a guide.  If it needs to be done on your wedding day, we can do it.  If you don’t see what you need below, or you need to adjust any of the packages, all you need to do is ask.  In fact, we love talking about weddings, so why not book a time for us to call you so you can tell us more about your day and what we can do to help you (after hours works for us too).



You’ve planned your wedding day (or are in the process of doing so), but you want someone to take control on the day and even in those last few weeks before you say ‘i do’, so you can focus on getting married and being a guest at your fabulous wedding; AND you want that for your friends and family too.

Our Wedding Day Management package starts as soon as you book our services, with unlimited access to tools and expertise to help you with your planning should you need it.  And then, about 6-8 weeks before you wedding we meet to go over every detail with you, so you can confidently handover your wedding to a trusted professional on the day. About 2-3 weeks out from your Wedding Day we will take over the Management of the Logistics of the day; including preparing a Runsheet and confirming all Vendor arrangements.

On the day, your Coordinator (and an Assistant, depending on the size of your wedding) will be on-site throughout the day.  We’ll take care of every last detail behind the scenes, from coordinating deliveries and other vendors, to tracking timelines and smoothing out any potential bumps in the road. We oversee your styling and set up and will finalise all of the little styling details not attended to by your venue, such as putting out your place-cards and setting up your gift table. The only thing you will have to think about on the day is saying I Do and having the time of your life!

Prices vary depending on wedding size, scope, location and logistics.  Please contact us for a quote

Need more help with styling, set up or pack down or something a little out of the ordinary?  Let us know what you need, so we can include it in your package.



If you are getting married on a private property, or at an unusual venue or location, you may have to do everything yourself to plan, style, set up, pack down and coordinate your wedding (right down to removing the rubbish!).  And as your wedding day draws closer, you are probably starting to wonder how you are going to do all of that and get married too. And the truth is, you can’t and you don’t want to. You, your family and your friends deserve to be well rested and in the moment on the day, so you can all enjoy your wedding.  You don’t want to be working into the night the day before and from early on the morning after. This is where our Wedding Weekend Management package comes in.

Wedding Weekend Management includes coverage of your entire wedding weekend, from the rehearsal to the pack-down that night or the next morning.  An I Do Crew Coordinator + Crew (to suit the size of your wedding), will be on-site every step of the way to ensure everything that needs to be done is done and seamlessly; including set-up, breakdown, transportation, vendor management, styling, coordination and more.

This package is tailored to your needs and the demands of your wedding weekend and can include site visits and more involvement in your planning along the way so you can lean on our expertise.

Contact us for a quote



You don’t need a Coordinator (your venue comes with one of those or you have someone else doing it for you) and you have your wedding day style nailed and are confident about designing all of the details and booking your Vendors.  But, you don’t want to execute your vision on the day, or coordinate all of the vendors involved – you want to focus on getting ready and being in the moment when it comes time to say I Do!

We’ve got you!

Our Wedding Styling & Set up service is tailored to your needs, but at it’s heart is our commitment to bringing your vision to life; whether that is for your Ceremony and/or Reception.

Whilst you will be designing your day and booking your vendors yourself, you can lean on us for our expertise and support from the time you book.  We follow this up with an in-depth styling meeting 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding, so we can go over every detail of the day and you can be confident that we understand exactly what you want us to do for you.  We can also meet you on site to review your floorplan/s and logistics for the day and we will liaise with all Vendors involved to ensure that your setup on the day is seamless.

Contact us for a quote

Need some help refining your vision and sourcing vendors? Of course we can help with this too!  Just let us know and we will add these services into this package for you.



Need just a little help with setting up or packing down your decor items on the day?  Our Set up & Pack-down blocks are perfect for you.

Blocks can be purchased as 2-5 hour blocks.

The price of our Set-up & Pack-down blocks vary depending on wedding size, scope, location and logistics.

Please contact us for a quote.



Our 1:1 Virtual Wedding Planning Service gives you access to the experience and knowledge of a professional, without the expense and commitment that comes with working with a full Wedding Planner.

Via Video you will get your questions answered and your dilemmas solved.  Leaving you feeling inspired, organised and excited about your wedding day.  Read More...


Contact us – Contact us and tell us some more about your wedding day vision and what you need help with.

The Proposal – Once we know what you need we will design your package and put a price to it.

Book  – Sign on the dotted line and pay your deposit to lock in your I Do Crew experience.

Groundwork – Login to your personalised client portal to access planning resources, your prep worksheets and all documents relating to your booking.

Back To Planning – depending on when you book you may still have work to do planning your wedding but even though our service is designed to help you on the day, you can always contact us for support and advice along the way.

Handover – You handover your wedding day plans to us in the weeks before you big day.  Don’t worry though, you can choose what you are comfortable with here and we stay in close contact with you from then on, so you are always in control; but it’s now time for you to let go and relax ahead of your big day.

Tie the knot – you get married; confident in the knowledge that we are there, making it all happen!



Our Services can be accessed by couples in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin and surrounding metropolitan and regional areas. Ask us about getting married in New Zealand or for help with your Destination Wedding. Not sure if we are where you are? Ask Us.


Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t even have to be that time consuming.  But like any project, having the right tools and knowledge makes all the difference.  To help you make light work of planning your wedding, we have designed some handy resources which you will find via the link below.