Wedding Coordinator

Have you decided to DIY your On the Day Coordination, or have a friend or family member step in and do it for you?  Or have you lost your way with your planning and feel that you could benefit from some professional guidance?  If this sounds like you, let the I Do Crew give your wedding the once over and apply our own system for ensuring every detail has been considered and to do ticked off.

In short, your wedding gets the once over by a professional and experienced Wedding Planner and On the Day Coordinator so you don’t have to worry any more whether you have missed something vital.

We start with a 2-3 hour meeting where we meticulously work through your Wedding Day plans, diving deep into all of the details to ensure that absolutely nothing has been overlooked and that you can confidently hand over management of the day to your designated On the Day Coordinator.  We will consider your timeline, layout and styling plan amongst other details to ensure that your wedding has all the makings of a well organised day.


These sessions are completely tailored to your wedding but during the consultation you can expect to cover:

Your Ceremony:  Who does what, sits where and walks with whom + we can help you to finalise vows too.

Your Day of Timeline:  We consider every little thing that needs to be done on the day and even the day before along with who is responsible for what.  We help you to understand what tasks have to be delegated and in what order everything has to be done to ensure your Ceremony and Reception run on time.

Your Vendor Contact List:  Much more than just a list of names and numbers, we consider your Contracts with Vendors to ensure we have a clear picture of what is included and what is not.  We also look at the logistics of the day so we can time the arrival and departure of Vendors to ensure all of the pieces of your wedding day puzzle come together at the right time.

Venue Requirements:  We do the legwork to ensure you are meeting all of your Venue’s requirements in terms of insurances and arrival and departure times.

Bad Weather Management Plan:  We help you to put together a Plan B in case of bad or wet weather so that your On the Day Coordinator knows exactly how you want things to be altered if the need arises.

Following our session you will be sent a link to your Wedding Dashboard.  This Dashboard is a Google Spreadsheet and is where we bring your plans, schedules, logistics and admin together with our expertise, so your On the Day Coordinator can simply plug and play to ensure you have the perfect day and that managing it is completely stress free for you and them.  This is the same system we use with our own clients.  You will also receive a list of remaining ‘to do’s’ and an email template that your On the Day Coordinator can use when finalising details with Vendors in the week before your Wedding.

We are confident that your Dashboard will be super easy for everyone to use but included with this service is a complimentary follow up call with yourselves and/or your On the Day Coordinator to go over any remaining questions.

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